[Deploying Sakai] Sakai CLE 2.9.2-rc03 coming soon

Neal Caidin nealcaidin at sakaifoundation.org
Mon May 20 06:48:41 PDT 2013

[dev, qa, accessibility, i18n, prod]

Hi all, 

It appears we are getting very close to the release of Sakai CLE 2.9.2 ! 

We are rolling out a Sakai CLE 2.9.2-rc03 (RC03) within the next day or two. RC03 only has a couple of fixes in it. So the plan is to test the fixes, "kick the tires" and then release for GA (general availability, aka production).  "Kicking the tires" means some light testing to make sure nothing obvious is wrong. Therefore once RC03 is available we will take just about a day or two for testing, at most.

If you have documentation that needs to be a part of the release notes - https://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/DOC/Sakai+CLE+2.9+release+notes , please update them now, or by the end of this week. If you would like me to do this for you, please provide me the text to me.

Please say if you have any concerns with the release process or with Sakai CLE 2.9.2 itself before it is, well, released. :-)


Neal Caidin

Sakai CLE Community Coordinator
nealcaidin at sakaifoundation.org
Skype: nealkdin
AIM: ncaidin at aol.com

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