[Deploying Sakai] Disabling a Samigo question type?

David Adams da1 at vt.edu
Thu Jan 24 06:18:39 PST 2013

Neal Caidin wrote:
> * If you have courses with tests and quizzes (Samigo) with the audio
>   recording question type you should recommend to users to leave it
>   installed and disabled, and enable it while taking
>   assessments. It's likely that Oracle will patch this with a
>   updated version of Java in the near future.

I have a followup question on this item. We've done some analysis, and
despite no discouragement on our part (actually we mention the
question type during our training classes), we've had no (zero) users
make use of the audio recording question type in over two and a half
years. As such, we've decided we'd like to just remove it as an option

I checked the SAM_TYPE_T table, and in our test environment I deleted
the "Audio Recording" type (which worked fine since there are no
foreign keys being enforced on that relationship), but doing so does
not remove the Audio Recording option. Some searching in the code
reveals that it's hardcoded in a number of places.

Is there a quick way of adjusting the list of available question types
that I'm unaware of, or will we need to hardcode a short-circuit of
some kind in the quiz builder functionality?



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