[Deploying Sakai] Disabling a Samigo question type?

David Adams da1 at vt.edu
Thu Jan 24 06:28:57 PST 2013

Nevermind, found it myself:

In sam/samigo-app/src/webapp/WEB-INF/faces-config.xml, there are
settable properties for each question type that can be enabled or
disabled. Works fine. I'm guessing there's a way to configure
this as a Spring property via sakai.properties as well.


David Adams wrote:
> Neal Caidin wrote:
> > * If you have courses with tests and quizzes (Samigo) with the audio
> >   recording question type you should recommend to users to leave it
> >   installed and disabled, and enable it while taking
> >   assessments. It's likely that Oracle will patch this with a
> >   updated version of Java in the near future.
> I have a followup question on this item. We've done some analysis, and
> despite no discouragement on our part (actually we mention the
> question type during our training classes), we've had no (zero) users
> make use of the audio recording question type in over two and a half
> years. As such, we've decided we'd like to just remove it as an option
> entirely.
> I checked the SAM_TYPE_T table, and in our test environment I deleted
> the "Audio Recording" type (which worked fine since there are no
> foreign keys being enforced on that relationship), but doing so does
> not remove the Audio Recording option. Some searching in the code
> reveals that it's hardcoded in a number of places.
> Is there a quick way of adjusting the list of available question types
> that I'm unaware of, or will we need to hardcode a short-circuit of
> some kind in the quiz builder functionality?
> Thanks!
> -dave

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