[Deploying Sakai] New BoF at the Jasig/Sakai 2012 conference

Adams, David da1 at vt.edu
Fri Jun 22 07:51:26 PDT 2012

Martin B. Smith wrote:
> Your status servlet is infinitely more thorough than our JSP here...
> (attached). At some point, we may try to use yours and submit
> enhancements back :).

Martin, thanks for forwarding along your JSP. It's interesting to see the different approaches we used to getting the same data in some cases. I'd love to integrate any ideas or enhancements you come up with to improve our servlet.

> As others have said, I also really enjoyed the high concurrency BOF.
> Maybe we can get a 'high concurrency' panel or track next year? I'd
> love to see more sysadmins at the conference.

Yes, I think there's definitely room for a lot more operations-oriented sessions and BOFs. I suppose we're the folks who need to submit the proposals. :)

Kusnetz, Jeremy wrote:
> We are using this now to pull some info that we weren't able
> to pull before, so thank you!  Like Martin said if we come up
> with new things to add to this we will.

Great news. Yes, even if it's just an idea for another stat that would be useful that perhaps I hadn't thought of, and no code, please let me know.

> Not everything is working in our environment for some reason.
> None of the tomcat/* calls work on our system.  Any ideas?

How do they fail? Just blank, a Tomcat error, or just a generic 500 or 403 or something? Lots of the /tomcat/* calls use the MBeans, so if something were different about your Tomcat configuration around the use of JMX, that might interfere with those, but the thread ones don't use the MBean API, so that shouldn't be it.

Are you talking directly to a Tomcat HTTP connector with your requests to this servlet or going through Apache? Possibly the "/tomcat/" string in the URI is getting caught up somewhere. That's the best idea I can come up with right now. It'd be helpful if there were some logging in the code, eh? :)

David Adams
Director, Learning Systems Integration and Support
Virginia Tech Learning Technologies

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