[Deploying Sakai] New BoF at the Jasig/Sakai 2012 conference

Kusnetz, Jeremy JKusnetz at APUS.EDU
Fri Jun 22 07:11:45 PDT 2012

Hey Dave,

We are using this now to pull some info that we weren't able to pull before, so thank you!  Like Martin said if we come up with new things to add to this we will.

Not everything is working in our environment for some reason.  None of the tomcat/* calls work on our system.  Any ideas?

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On 06/13/2012 05:26 PM, David Adams wrote:
> If anyone tries it out and has feedback, please let me know. This is my work email address, or my personal email address is in the README.

Hey Dave,

Your status servlet is infinitely more thorough than our JSP here... 
(attached). At some point, we may try to use yours and submit enhancements back :).

Most of the data we collect can be seen at:

-> Dashboards
-> Sakai (Prod)

As others have said, I also really enjoyed the high concurrency BOF. 
Maybe we can get a 'high concurrency' panel or track next year? I'd love to see more sysadmins at the conference.

Cheers all,
Martin B. Smith
smithmb at ufl.edu - (352) 273-1374
CNS/Open Systems Group
University of Florida
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