[Deploying Sakai] built sakai-wicket and sakai-scorm player. What now?

Charles Richard chachi.richard at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 07:20:06 PDT 2012


We're evaluating and trying to figure out if the Edia Sakai Scorm player
will fit our needs as our old Icodeon player requires money which the
company doesn't have.

I've downloaded Tomcat 5.5.33, untar-ed the sakai-project, build the
sakai-wicket project and copied the jar file in our shared/lib folder and
then built the scorm player which deployed all relevant war files and jar
files to our tomcat instance.

I log in into the sakai project but after deploying the sakai-scorm files
and sakai-wicket jar, nothing looks different in the UI with the admin
login so I'm not sure if I didn't do something properly or we just don't
really know how to add our courseware yet.

Any input would be much appreciated.

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