[Deploying Sakai] Newbie's question about Sakai server.info.url

Bob bobnguyen at dmu.ac.uk
Fri May 6 05:55:04 PDT 2011


I have recently put Sakai 2.7 on a local Ubuntu server (
Now my mission is changing the welcome text on Gateway and MyWorkspace.

I logged on as admin and from Resources>Public, I created 2 HTML files:
- server_info1.html,
- myworkspace_info1.html

then edited the settings in sakai.properties:
- server.info.url =
- myworkspace.info.url =

However, on the Gateway, under "Welcome", I got a 404 error message :(

Ignored this message, I continued with admin account and on My Workspace, under
"My Workspace Information" I got a blank page (nothing) and the browser asked me
if I want to download the file myworkspace_info1.html? (Well, the
myworkspace_info setting seems correct, but Sakai acted weird as offer
downloading rather than showing).

I have tried with serveral different options such as:
- localhost/access/content/public/server_info1.html
- /access/content/public/server_info1.html
but there was no luck.

I tried to locate those files on my server (looking around /tomcat folder
- /library/content/server_info.html
- /access/content/public/server_info1.html
but I could not find the folders and the files.

Could you please help me with:

- The correct path of the files server_info1.html/myworkspace_info1.html which
were created on Resources>Public by admin.

- The physical location (on server) of the default files
server_info.html/myworkspace_info.html (Say, I want to edit the content of the
original files)

Thanks a lot,


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