[Deploying Sakai] CLE Release/Maint Team call: sakai-2.7.2 ticket triage session, Thursday, 5 May, 10AM-12PM, EDT

Anthony Whyte arwhyte at umich.edu
Wed May 4 12:04:26 PDT 2011

Tomorrow's call will focus on a review of open 2.x blockers as well as 100+ 2.7-related resolved/closed tickets that have their 2.7.x status set "to merge".  The goal is to identify which fixes are "must haves" for a CLE sakai-2.7.2 maintenance release (links below).

If you have an interest in sakai-2.7 and can parse a Jira ticket quickly, assessing the technical, accessibility or i18n implications it represents for 2.7.x/2.7.2, please consider participating in this call.

During the call I suggest we identify resource needs required to help put out this release as well as attempt to derive a strawman release schedule for 2.7.2 based on available as well as anticipated commitments.  I expect we will require assistance in the following areas:

Development: bug fixing *[1]
Quality assurance: testing and verification of fixes
Branch management: reviewing and merging fixes to 2.7.x
Documentation: updating release notes
MySQL/Oracle/Db2 conversion script review and testing

*[1] I have not seen any proposals for back porting new features of a minor nature to 2.7.x.  At present I am working under the assumption that 2.7.2 is a pure bug fix release.

The timing and scope of this maintenance release is highly dependent on active community participation.  If you run a version of sakai-2.7 or hope to adopt or upgrade to sakai-2.7.2 I encourage you to get involved in the work required to produce the release.  Feel free to contact me if you need more info on the skill sets required.




Telephone: +1 812 856 7060
Polycom or Lifesize:
Tandberg or XMeeting: 22X at
GDS E.164: 0011439X

Conference Code: 22348#
PIN: 72524#


CLE 2.x Blockers (not all 2.7-related)

SAK 2.7 resolved/closed (to merge; currently 0 issues)

basiclti-1.2 resolved/closed (to merge)

msgcntr-2.7 resolved/closed (to merge)

profile2-1.3 resolved/closed (to merge; currently 0 issues)

samigo-2.7 resolved/closed (to merge)

search-1.2 resolved/closed (to merge)

sitestats-2.1 resolved/closed (to merge)

2x Critical (includes Indies; not all 2.7-related)

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> From: Anthony Whyte <arwhyte at umich.edu>
> Date: April 21, 2011 8:24:12 AM EDT
> To: Developers Sakai-Dev <sakai-dev at collab.sakaiproject.org>, Sakai QA <sakai-qa at collab.sakaiproject.org>
> Subject: [WG: Sakai QA] CLE (2x) Release/Maintenance Team call, 21 April (cancelled) / upcoming meetings
> With the release earlier this week of Sakai CLE 2.8.0, today's combined release/maintenance team call is cancelled.  Next week we will hold a 2.8.0 post-mortem call and then return to our regular schedule as of 5 May.
> As always community members with an interest in 2x maintenance, release management and quality assurance are invited to participate.
> Thur, 28 April, 10-11 AM EDT, "2.8.0 post-mortem" (special session)
> Thur, 5 May, 10 AM-12 PM EDT, "2.7.x/2.7.2 triage session" 
> Thur, 19 May, 10-11 AM EDT, agenda TBD
> Thur, 2 June, 10-11 AM EDT, agenda TBD
> LA conference, 14-16 June 2011, RM/MT BOFs
> Cheers,
> Anthony
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