[Deploying Sakai] [Building Sakai] deprecating a bodyVolume

Jim Eng jimeng at umich.edu
Wed Jan 5 07:49:11 PST 2011

You're right, John.  You can just remove the old volume name from the list of bodyVolumes.  The result is that no new resources will be stored there, but existing body content stored there will still be available.  If someone takes advantage of the "replace with new version" action in the resources tool, the new body content would replace the existing body content in the old volume, but otherwise new content would be distributed to locations on the new volumes.

You do not want to let the volume fill up.  That can lead to errors and lost files.  Some tools report the errors to users, and others seem to fail silently.  Some JIRA tickets have been created to deal with the tools in which that fails silently.


On Jan 5, 2011, at 10:37 AM, John F. Hall wrote:

> Our production server was initially set up with a single content volume:
> bodyVolumes at org.sakaiproject.content.api.ContentHostingService =vol1
> When usage hit 70% we added two more (vol2,vol3) and new files are now 
> being spread across all three successfully.
> However, I'd like to have Sakai stop putting new files on vol1 since 
> it's over 70% full, but still have the content currently there be available.
> I think that simply taking 'vol1' out of the list is what I'd want to do 
> like:
> bodyVolumes at org.sakaiproject.content.api.ContentHostingService=vol2,vol3
> since existing vol1 content references would still be in the database.
> Testing on our development server seems to show this works, but I'd like 
> to get some confirmation that this is indeed the right thing to do.  I 
> couldn't find anything in the documentation.
> Could someone verify if this is (or isn't) what I should do?
> Thanks,
> John
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