[Deploying Sakai] deprecating a bodyVolume

John F. Hall hall at UDel.Edu
Wed Jan 5 07:37:27 PST 2011

Our production server was initially set up with a single content volume:
bodyVolumes at org.sakaiproject.content.api.ContentHostingService =vol1

When usage hit 70% we added two more (vol2,vol3) and new files are now 
being spread across all three successfully.

However, I'd like to have Sakai stop putting new files on vol1 since 
it's over 70% full, but still have the content currently there be available.

I think that simply taking 'vol1' out of the list is what I'd want to do 
bodyVolumes at org.sakaiproject.content.api.ContentHostingService=vol2,vol3
since existing vol1 content references would still be in the database.

Testing on our development server seems to show this works, but I'd like 
to get some confirmation that this is indeed the right thing to do.  I 
couldn't find anything in the documentation.

Could someone verify if this is (or isn't) what I should do?

______________ John F. Hall ______________
Programmer/Analyst III, IT-Web Development
         University of Delaware

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