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Tiebout, Ryan rtiebout at rwu.edu
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I was able to setup the IIS server and it's kind of working.  When I have the uriworkermap.properties file configured with an entry of /*=[worker name] IIS redirects to tomcat but the tomcat5.exe process pegs at 100 percent CPU and stays there. How have others setup their uriworkermap.properties and workers.properties files?
If I access the tomcat pages using port 8080 everything loads fine and the CPU stays normal, but when I go through IIS and the isapi_redirect the page still loads and the CPU spikes to 100 and stays there.
Any other ideas?  I appreciate any help.


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This is the setup used for QA6 (2008 Server+IIS+Tomcat as a Service). I would refer to the JIRA setup guide for IIS [1] from step 2 on as it is essentially the same setup for Sakai and was what I used.

[1] http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/JIRA/Integrating+JIRA+with+IIS

It would probably give slightly better performance, especially if you configured it to serve up static content. I have found that SSL is usually much easier in apache and IIS, as you mentioned.

On Mon, May 10, 2010 at 10:37 AM, Tiebout, Ryan <rtiebout at rwu.edu<mailto:rtiebout at rwu.edu>> wrote:
I currently have Sakai configured on a windows 2008 server and tomcat 5.5.26.  Currently I am not using IIS but I was wondering if anyone is using this in combination with an isapi_redirect instead of just using tomcat.  Is anyone running a similar installation?  Are there instructions for how to set this up?
I am having problems getting SSL to work with tomcat and I know it's very simple with IIS.  I was also wondering if using IIS would be better for performance or stability.  Any thoughts?
Thanks for your help.


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