[Deploying Sakai] Announcements on Gateway

Sri Kota srini07 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 14:34:34 PDT 2010

Hello Folks,
I am trying to get my site Announcements onto the Gateway with no luck.

I created sakai.announcements , but can't get the announcements fed in. I'm
more or less sure that this is because of the "channel" value. Does anyone
know what value "channel" should take?

Eg.: For MOTD, the value is: /announcement/channel/!site/motd . Simillarly,
what is the channel value for announcements? In general, where do I look-up
these values?

Is there something else I am missing?

P.S.: I do have "Public" announcements in one of my sites.

Thanks for looking,

- Sri
Sarvē Janā Sukhinō Bhavantu
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