[Deploying Sakai] Profs squirreling away old course sites

Sean DeMonner demonner at umich.edu
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We don't inactivate or delete any course sites. Instead we point students toward the tab management feature in MWS -> Preferences so that they can determine for themselves which sites/courses should be visible. We typically post instructions for this in the Message of the Day at the beginning of the semester.


On Jun 10, 2010, at 3:02 PM, Johns, Cheryl wrote:

> At the end of the academic year, we make the students in the courses ‘inactive’.  They are still on the roster, but can’t see the sites from the previous year.  The courses are also made unjoinable once rosters are finalized at the beginning of term.  We haven’t deleted any course sites and we went into full production in the Fall of 2005.
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> Folks,
> How do you handle old course sites? Do you do something that automatically unpublishes or deletes a prior term's courses? 
> Our profs aren't removing or unpublishing their old sites, and I'm concerned about cluttering up the student's view.
> We are using course management with Sakora.
> Gracias!
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