[Deploying Sakai] Profs squirreling away old course sites

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Hi Paul,

In our first attempt to address this, we ran a job that set the status for all students in course sites to "inactive," but discovered this also removed instructor access to student work in their sites. Sometimes instructors need to go back to review work from previous semesters and this inability to view previous work was a problem for many.

So, now we run a job that changes the student role in previous semester course sites to "Former Student" and have set up realms to remove "content.read" access to Resources for this role to help manage copyright restrictions. All other realm permissions remain pretty much the same as Student permissions for this new role.

We post a MOTD that appears on the Gateway at the beginning of each semester to remind students how they can hide site tabs in order to reduce confusion for them. Here is a version of that announcement:

Out with the Old - In with the New
With the new semester, come new courses and collaborations in UVaCollab -  learn how to hide those old un-site-ly tabs! Read the FAQ<https://collab.itc.virginia.edu/access/content/group/69ab6142-05e0-4504-8040-8b4c95aec1a9/sakai-content/faq_worksites.html#customizeTabs> or watch the how-to video<https://collab.itc.virginia.edu/access/content/group/69ab6142-05e0-4504-8040-8b4c95aec1a9/sakai-content/videos/hide-tabs.swf>.

Students: Looking for your spring semester course sites in UVaCollab?
Check the My Active Sites tab for a complete list of your active sites, including this semester's course sites.


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At the end of the academic year, we make the students in the courses 'inactive'.  They are still on the roster, but can't see the sites from the previous year.  The courses are also made unjoinable once rosters are finalized at the beginning of term.  We haven't deleted any course sites and we went into full production in the Fall of 2005.

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How do you handle old course sites? Do you do something that automatically unpublishes or deletes a prior term's courses?

Our profs aren't removing or unpublishing their old sites, and I'm concerned about cluttering up the student's view.

We are using course management with Sakora.


Paul Gibbs
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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