[Deploying Sakai] Suspected bad i18n behavior of portal

Jean-Francois Leveque jean-francois.leveque at upmc.fr
Mon Jan 25 05:58:16 PST 2010

Matthew Buckett a écrit :
> 2010/1/22 Jean-Francois Leveque <jean-francois.leveque at upmc.fr>:
>> I thought the only institutions that were running a vanilla Sakai were
>> running a pilot.
> I think your right that most places in large scale production run
> custom versions of the code but forcing people down this route doesn't
> encourage new adopters.

I'm not talking about forcing anyone. I'm just doubting anyone would 
both run production with vanilla Sakai and need to change this. I'll be 
happy if I get proof I'm wrong.

>> Is Oxford University running a vanilla Sakai in production and using these
>> configuration properties?
> We have a custom build and have these properties set. I wasn't raising
> this issue because it affects Oxford, but because require people to
> make custom builds of the software to get small UI changes raises the
> bar for people looking at deploying Sakai.

If you don't often change the value of the string, I wonder why you're 
not customizing the locale instead of adding a property to your 
configuration. YMMV :)

>> BTW, I think you can update the resource bundles within Tomcat.
> Are you talking about editing the properties files in the deployed
> Tomcat? Doesn't that mean the changes get lost if you perform an
> upgrade?

Yes, this is just a workaround that should be done after every 
deployment. I just thought it was easier than doing a custom build.

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