[Deploying Sakai] My Workspace sites, !site.user realm, and maintain role

Paul Gibbs pgibbsjr at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 24 19:16:59 PST 2010

In instructors' My Workspace sites (anyone with user type "instructor"), I
would like profs to be able to access the Evaluation System tool create,
take, and deploy new evaluations. I would like students (who have the user
type "guest") to be able to take evaluations. The Evaluation System's
permissions are controlled in realms via four configured permissions for the
evaluations tool. One of them is "take evaluation", which I want everyone to
have, and the other three are the permissions I want to reserve for


However, after many hours of Google searching, everything I've read says
that all My Workspace templates copy their permissions from !site.user. But
if I modify the maintain role in the !site.user realm, it winds up affecting
everyone, so that both guests and instructors end up getting the same
"maintain" permissions defined in the !site.user realm.

Is there anyway to create realms like !site.user.instructor and
!site.user.guest? If there were, I would set .guest's maintain role to have
only the one Evaluation System permission and then set the maintain role in
.instructor to have all the Evaluation System permissions. I did try this,
but Sakai ignores my new realms when it creates new My Workspace sites
insists on only recognizing !site.user.


Paul Gibbs

Lansdale, Pennsylvania

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