[Deploying Sakai] Weird Sites tool behavior

Steve Swinsburg steve.swinsburg at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 22:32:09 PST 2010

Hi Paul,

Can you attach a screenshot? 

I have a local 2.6.x instance and checking the svn updates not much has changed since, and the Worksite Setup tool has the pagination on the right (Viewing 1 - 20 of 1565 items) etc and the Admin Workspace Sites tool has it in the navbar at the top (Next page, First page, Previous Page, Last page ) etc.

Might be a local skin issue, perhaps hiding the pager?

Unfortunately nightly2 2.6.x hasn't started up correctly so I can't verify there on the latest 2.6.x build.


On 17/01/2010, at 3:18 PM, Paul Gibbs wrote:

> After updating 2.6.x (from whatever revision I was at for much of the fall term), the Sites tool no longer has any pagination navigation--you can see the first 20 sites, but that's it--you can't get to any of the other sites. What on earth...? (!)
> Anyone else notice this? Or does anyone else have any idea what's going on? I did talk to someone else who noticed the same issue on his install. Weird! :)
> Paul Gibbs
> Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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