[Deploying Sakai] Securing Exams for students

Newsome, Angie angie.newsome at ttuhsc.edu
Mon Dec 20 09:35:55 PST 2010

We, here at Texas Tech University HSC, are currently engaged in an LMS review process and are nearing the end.  The system that we need to replace is WebCT.  Sakai looks like it will be the popular vote for the replacement.  However, we have some questions with regard to secured testing.  We are using Respondus Lockdown Browser with WebCT to secure the testing environment in a proctored situation.  Basically, Respondus LDB is a third-party browser that does not allow the user to open external sites, print screen, copy or paste when taking an exam.  Typically, we will have over 200 users taking nationally certified exam with 5 proctors walking around the room.  We will need some way to secure exams and the review of exams on the LMS that we choose.

We have been told that Sakai does not yet have this ability.  I've also noticed that there is a JIRA request for Sakai to be able to go into 'Kiosk' mode where students would only be able to access the test.

What are other institutions doing to address this concern?  Do you have insight on processes, applications or policies?  Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time,


Angie Newsome, PMP, MSM

TTUHSC, Information Services

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