[Deploying Sakai] Adding an IE compatibility header

Paul Gibbs pgibbsjr at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 2 11:33:32 PDT 2009

(For posterity's sake, I am posting this in case someone is looking for this


I have noticed that the resources tool renders poorly with IE8. I am running
Apache as a front end using mod_proxy, and I took care of this by adding the
compatibility header to everything that goes out of the proxy'd Tomcat
vhost. In my vhost configuration (in a vanilla install of Apache2, these are
stored in httpd.conf; in Debian, your vhosts are stored in individual files
within sites-available/) , I added this above the <Proxy *> line:


Header add X-UA-Compatible "IE=EmulateIE7"


Subsequently, IE8 properly renders the tool.


I'd be interested in knowing how others have addressed this. I realize this
can be done within Tomcat-it would be interesting to hear the steps someone
might have used to do that. It involves setting up a request filter. I never
got it figured out. 


Paul Gibbs

CBTS / Lansdale, Pennsylvania

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