[Deploying Sakai] UMich now at 2.6

John Leasia jleasia at umich.edu
Wed Sep 2 09:55:42 PDT 2009

UMich moved to 2.6 this last Saturday, Aug 29. Our Fall term starts next 
Tues Sep. 8.

We are working on a couple performance issues. Load testing revealed the 
frequent query to sakai_site_page_property that others have reported. We 
will be testing a fix to that this week - KNL-259. We also are changing 
some of our local provider caching to reduce queries there. Our 
Resources load test showed  increased db utilization over 2.5 - we have 
not yet figured out the cause and continue to investigate.

We have added a 'tool disabler' capability (contrib - inactivate_tools). 
There is some anticipation here of markedly increased usage as a result 
of high absenteeism due to flu. We have created a means of disabling any 
given tool w/o a restart so as to be able to reduce load/usage quickly 
in order to keep the system up, if needed.

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