[Deploying Sakai] permently deleting resources

Ron Peterson rpeterso at mtholyoke.edu
Thu Nov 5 07:56:22 PST 2009


I have a few sites for which I'd like to scrub all resources.  I need to
delete them from the site, and also all associated files on the

My thinking is that I just need to find the associated records in the
CONTENT_RESOURCE table, and remove the files listed in the FILE_PATH
column (in addition to removing the resources from w/in Sakai).  Is that

On a related note, for one of these sites, the site administrator has
already deleted the items from within Sakai.  IIRC, deleting resources
w/in Sakai does not delete the files on the filesystem.  Is that
correct?  If so, I need to find the orphaned files, which I could do by
finding all files that are not listed in the FILE_PATH column of the
CONTENT_RESOURCE table.  Is that correct?

Do any tables / tools besides CONTENT_RESOURCE create/manage file blobs
in the same location as resource objects?



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