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Yuji Shinozaki ys2n at virginia.edu
Thu May 21 07:19:13 PDT 2009

Hey Dave,

We have found that local search indexing is fairly fragile when you  
are bringing nodes up and down.  Ian Boston and company had a method  
for fixing up the local indexes when a node restarts (by copying a  
"last known good" copy from another node).  We haven't gotten around  
to implementing their workaround, but I'll scare up the notes about it  
and forward them to you.


On May 21, 2009, at 8:51 AM, David Horwitz wrote:

> Hi David,
> What appears to have happened is that your node "ketchup" was shut  
> down
> while it was optimizing the shared index. It is likely that if you
> update the statuses in the db to
> "committed" the merging will continue. I would check though that all  
> the
> nodes mentions in the search_journal table are present in your shared
> index though
> David
> Adams, David wrote:
>> We recently did a reconfiguration of our Sakai deployment and when we
>> brought things back up, we noticed a lot of messages in the log from
>> org 
>> .sakaiproject.search.optimize.shared.impl.DbJournalOptimizationManage
>> r. Every ten seconds, it says:
>> ERROR: This node already merging shared segments, index writer
>> ketchup:1242477119395   This node is currently optimizing the shared
>> segments,      This is an error as only one copy of this node  
>> should be
>> Active in the cluster
>> Looking at the error in the source  
>> (DbJournalOptimizationManager.java in
>> search-impl) isn't any more helpful, but I did look at the table  
>> that is
>> triggering this message, SEARCH_JOURNAL, and we have 51 entries with
>> status 'merging-prepare' with indexwriter "ketchup:1242477119395" and
>> 795 entries with status 'committed' and indexwriter "ketchup".
>> I haven't looked any deeper yet, but I am suspecting this is just a
>> matter of the database getting out of sync with reality for whatever
>> reason. Does anyone have any tips on safe ways to try to address
>> whatever the issue is? Or pointers to useful resources on  
>> understanding
>> how search works? I'm not sure what information in the wiki is  
>> reliable.
>> We're on the 2.5.4 tag if it makes a difference.
>> David Adams
>> Director of Learning Systems Integration and Support
>> Virginia Tech Learning Technologies
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