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Knoop, Peter knoop at umich.edu
Tue Mar 10 08:12:31 PDT 2009

The Conference Bridge Schedule is available again on the old Collab server:


We are still working on restoring access to the documentation, such as the instructions and other reference materials, and hopefully it will be on-line again soon.  In the meantime, here are the phone and Internet connection details for the three conference bridges provided by Indiana University:

Phone: +1-812-856-7060 (audio-only)
Internet: (audio and video)

Sakai001 Bridge (Regularly Scheduled Meetings)
* Conference Code: 348#
* PIN: 72524#

Sakai002 Bridge (Ad-hoc Meetings)
* Conference Code: 350#
* PIN: 72524#

Sakai003 Bridge (Ad-hoc Meetings)
* Conference Code: 386#
* PIN: 72524#

If you are connecting via the Internet then you need a Polycom (or compatible) set-up.  For Mac users try XMeeting and for PC or Linux users try Ekiga:



If you are using Skype, you can Skype-out to the telephone number, though you will incur typical Skype-out charges.  If you're connecting via a speaker phone or your computer, please make sure you have adequate echo cancellation capabilities or are using a microphone/speaker head-set, so as to ensure a productive conferencing environment for all call participants.

Sakai Project Coordinator

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