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Murthy Tanniru murthy at etudes.org
Tue Mar 10 10:27:41 PDT 2009

In the earlier versions of jforum  some indexes are missing. There is a 
file in the jforum source at 
jforum-tool/src/webapp/WEB-INF/config/database/generic/indices.sql You 
can add missing indexes as per this file and drop any duplicate indexes. 
I attached the file for reference.

Charles Hedrick wrote:
> This weekend we had serious performance problems, with mysql using 95%  
> of the CPU and general system slowness. It appears to me that the  
> problem was jforum. Here's what I did:
> create index jforum_course_categories_course_id on  
> jforum_sakai_course_categories(course_id);
> create index jforum_user_sakai_user jforum_users(sakai_user_id);
> jforum_user is the list of users. It's got 60,000 entries at Rutgers.  
> It's indexed on the jforum user ID, but the lookups were by Sakai user  
> ID, which is certainly to be expected. That column wasn't indexed. Oops.
> There was also a complex query being done that looked up all the  
> categories for a course. Unfortunately the category table wasn't  
> indexed at all. You wouldn't think the list of categories would be big  
> enough to be an issue, but we have 11,000 entries in that table. It  
> needs to be indexed.
> After adding the second index, load went from 95% to 12%. Of course  
> that could be coincidence.
> Am I missing some database setup for jforum?
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Murthy Tanniru
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