[Deploying Sakai] Unable to remove multiple instances of a resource in 2.5.x

Chris Woods csw at alumni.unh.edu
Tue Aug 18 11:53:33 PDT 2009

Hi Folks,

While installing page-composer for OSP I used webdav to upload a folder 
to Portfolio Admin Resources. Somehow -- I suspect a dodgy wifi 
connection that stopped and started the process several times -- I wound 
up with about 8 instances of the folder I was uploading. I'm reasonably 
certain that Sakai is regarding all 8 as being one and the same as what 
I do to one affects all the others. Thing is I cannot remove them 
despite the permissions being correct. Is there a way to remove 
resources from the command line or some other behind the scenes method? 
Also has anyone experienced similar behavior and know its cause? Thanks 
very much.


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