[Deploying Sakai] sakai and oracle

Dario P dario_d_u at unitech.com.ar
Tue Apr 21 19:58:03 PDT 2009

Our deploy has an oracle database as backend . Regarding this, I would like 
to restrict privileges for the tables owner.

Which minimun privileges should be granted to the user?

Caveat emptor. I have found how to create a user for a mysql database, but I 
can't found which privileges should have for an Oracle database.

I would like to know if it's posible to use an user with no ddl privileges 
once sakai is deployed.

create user sakai identified by averydifficultpass;
grant create table to sakai;
(generate sakai tables.)
revoke create table to sakai;

Greetings and sorry for my english. 

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