[Portfolio] Changing OSP form name via database

Christian Aziz caziz at rutgers.edu
Thu Jun 12 14:05:23 PDT 2014

Hello portfolio folks,

I'm trying to change the name of an osp form (using the Forms tool) that is
currently in use. After modifying the name in the text field and clicking
'Save changes', an error appears. The message reads "Validation errors
exists. Read below for more detail." There is no detail below. Even without
changing anything, an attempt to resave causes this error.


I know there are no validation errors because the schema is the same one
that has been in use for a couple years. The person who created these forms
is no longer working here and must have removed the account under which the
form was created. Under the Owner column, there is "(User not found)" where
a name would normally appear. I wonder if that might be the reason for a
validation error.

The bottom line is I would like to be able to change the name of the form
and was wondering if there was a way through the database. I scoured the
osp_ tables but can't find one that clearly lists a form id along with its
name. Thanks for any insights.


Christian V. Aziz
Project Manager - OIRT
Coadjutant Faculty - SC&I
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

101I Administrative Services Building Annex 1
56 Bevier Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854
Tel: 848-445-8732 | Fax: 732-445-5539
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