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Josh Baron Josh.Baron at marist.edu
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As a reminder, we will holding our weekly teaching and learning call today 
from 2 - 3 PM Eastern Time (New York).  Dial-in information and a link to 
our Etherpad for notetaking is posted on the Sakai Wiki at: 

I would like to propose two topics for the call today.  First, as we 
discussed on the last call, Yitna and I have been working to get a draft 
spreadsheet created where we can start to organize our T&L Capability 
Review ideas and organize them under the Sakai Learning Design Lenses. 
This is definitely a DRAFT and work-in-progress but we think it is at a 
good stage for the group to review and discuss.  The URL for the 
spreadsheet is below.

Although I will admit (and apologies) that I fell behind in getting this 
out to the group, Chuck Hedrick emailed me prior to EDUCAUSE with an 
update on the development work he has been doing that he briefed us on 
awhile ago.  He is ready to receive some feedback on it which is something 
I thought we could discuss on the call and then follow up on over the next 
week.  His note and details are below.

Talk with everyone later today!


T&L Capability Review Spreadsheet > 

Chuck's Email:

I have a mockup for adding multimedia content. I’d appreciate help testing 


Here’s the intended flow:

There are three cases:
* If there is a < in the input, it is taken to be an embed code. We try it 
and ask the user if it’s OK. If not there’s not much we can other than 
give advice. You might want to help write the text in that case.

Otherwise we treat it as a URL
* If it starts with http:, we warn the user. http: won’t work in Firefox. 
(This assumes an https: site. The production code actually checks.)
* If it doesn’t start with http:, https: or /, add https://. This is to 
allow things like www.rutgers.edu to be used as a URL. I’m not sure how 
useful that is, but the current code does it and I see no good reason not 
to do it. I warn them that I’ve changed their URL.
* we next check to see what MIME type the site says it is
* If it is video/* or audio/*, it will use the current player code. We 
advice the user on how likely the URL is to work on different types of 
* Otherwise, try oembed. This should work for most video sharing sites. 
Ask the user if it’s OK
* If the user says oembed doesn’t work, try putting it in an IFRAME.
* If that doesn’t work about all I can do it tell the user, and maybe give 
him advice.

Note that there’s no attempt here to produce a reasonable looking UI. I 
want to know if the flow is right, and if it properly classifies different 

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