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Beith, Linda lbeith at rwu.edu
Mon Jul 29 14:16:19 PDT 2013

Hi everyone,
We have a Writing Program Coordinator who is trying to use the Sakai eporfolio matrices to collect work from all writing courses, organized by outcome and level of achievement.

He has a created a Writing Program Eportfolio site with three published matrices (one for each level of courses) and has added groups for each level of faculty in the site so he can control access to different materials in the site. He also added a test student to the roster that isn't part of a group but holds a "Guest" role (although we also tried switching the test student to a participant role with no change in behavior.)

The Coordinator has added and published a matrix for a second level writing course and linked three assignments to different cells in the course matrix by outcome and level of achievement.  Then he cross-linked the course assignments to the matching matrix in the Writing Program eportfolio site. When you click on an assignment in the course the information at the bottom notes that the assignment is linked to a cell in each of the two matrices.

He then submitted work as a test student in the course assignments. Although there are icons that appear in the course matrix in the appropriate cells for the assignment, only the assignment itself appears when you select the test student  and click on the icons - no attached student submissions appear.

No icons appear in the matching Program level matrix - neither the assignment itself nor the student submissions when you select the test student (who is on the roster for both sites).
We are running for the ANI CLE (community version Sakai

Does anyone have any idea what could be happening?
Hope this makes sense.

Linda L. Beith, Ph.D.
Roger Williams University
Director, Instructional Design
One Old Ferry Road, Bristol RI
Website: id.rwu.edu<http://id.rwu.edu/>

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