[Portfolio] Monthly Teaching and Learning Sakai Group Call

Josh Baron Josh.Baron at marist.edu
Tue Jan 11 06:21:51 PST 2011


Our regular monthly "whole group call" will take place TOMORROW 
(1/12/2011) from 5 - 6 PM EST (dial-in information is below).

Given that many of us have been out for part of the last month with 
holidays and vacation time, it appears that there isn't a great deal in 
terms of updates from each group so we thought we would use the time to 
discuss some other topics of interest to the larger group.  Below is a 
draft agenda which we are hoping others can also add to if you have topics 
that you think the whole group should discuss.

Also, I may be mis-recalling here but I believe Robin's term as "note 
taker" is/had ended with the New Year so we need to find someone else to 
do this for our call.  It really just requires making sure we have a place 
to take notes for each call (ether/titan pad has been working well so far) 
and then being available on the calls to take notes.  Any voluteers?

(1) 2011 Conference Planning - with the main conference 6 months out and 
planning happening for regional and international conferences it might be 
useful for us to talk as a larger T&L group about topics we would like to 
see focused on, presentation sessions we want to propose and any events 
that we might want to organize.

(2) Format for Quarterly Updates - we've done two of these so far and 
although they've gone well and been useful, we've not necessarily 
attracted folks from outside our group (which was one of the intents). I'd 
be interested in talking about what we might do differently with these 
sessions moving forward.

(3) Recruiting Participants - This is really related to the first two 
items but I'd be interested in discussing ways in which we might recruit 
more participants as it seems like there are a lot of T&L folks out there 
who we've not engaged with yet.


Joshua Baron
Senior Academic Technology Officer
Marist College
Poughkeepsie, New York  12601
(845) 575-3623 (work)
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