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Hello OSP Community

In our OSP Community phone call today, we took at look at the following OSP Jira issues. Below please find a list of our decisions. Chris and Noah will be looking further into the list. We will reconvene two weeks from today as a community to continue our discussion. Next week there will be no OSP Community call in honor of Martin Luther King day.

In addition to the following list, we also discussed two issues that have not yet been posted as Jira tickets. They are email notification for matrix cells submission that cannot be turned off in 2.7 and permission for individual matrices that once changed cannot be changed back in 2.7. Noah will work on the email notifications problem. Janice will post the permissions problem (after returning to the US mainland from Puerto Rico next week).

SAK-19643 - possible downgrade to critical instead of a blocker - Chris and Noah will discuss
SAK-19504 - Keep as blocker issue. Investigate to discover under what conditions this issue occurs
SAK-19774 - Noah is taking this issue under condition and will fix at some point in near future (may or may not occur by release candidate)
SAK-19740 - Downgrade from critical to major
SAK-19729 - Leave at current status, Assigned to Chris but Dave may also take a look
SAK-19518 - Keep as critical
SAK-19505 - Downgrade to major
SAK-19201 - Downgrade to minor
SAK-19184 - Noah working on this one, keep as critical, Noah also working on email notification
SAK-18538 - Could Rutgers work on this one? Keep as critical. This has to do with the decisions of registrars, which are not easy to change
SAK-18344 - Keep as critical
SAK-18309 - Downgrade to major
SAK-17579 - Workaround is possible. A simple setting for administrators can accomplish this. Downgrade to major. Lots of work investigating and testing is needed to resolve this ticket.
SAK-19737 - Noah will comment on this ticket. It has to do with the invisibility of unpublished forms. The visibility issue needs to be fixed. When that happens, this ticket will become a non-issue.
SAK-19715 - Won't fix. Difficult to resolve. Already listed a resolved/won't fix
SAK-19714 - Upgrade from major to critical
SAK-19705 - Duplicate ticket
SAK-19704 - Workaround is possible. Leave as major
SAK-19703 - Leave as major. No loss of data occurs
SAK-19664 - Leave as is.
SAK-19518 - Double listed. See above.
SAK-19481 - Similar to SAK-16131, Chris and Lynn need to take a look at this ticket and comment, Noah will set them up as watchers
SAK-19474 - Downgrade to major
SAK-19473 - This one may already be fixed. If not, possibly Chris could fix quickly. Leave as major.
SAK-19465 - Leave as is
SAK-19356 - Downgrade to minor
SAK-19340 - Downgrade to minor
SAK-19339 - Downgrade to minor
SAK-19337 - Leave as is
SAK-19336 - Upgrade to major
SAK-19322 - This check-box should be turned off by default - leave as minor
SAK-19321 - Possibly already resolved. Chris or Noah should check and update ticket
SAK-19316 - Leave as minor


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