[Portfolio] Sakai 2.8 QA season is on us.

Berg, Alan A.M.Berg at uva.nl
Mon Sep 27 01:44:50 PDT 2010

Hi fellow hard workers,

I wish to echo Anthony Whytes call to arms for the 2.8 cycle.


http://qa1-nl.sakaiproject.org is up with 2.8 alpha 1 ready for testing. If you are willing to test, if you have not done otherwise please sign up at:

Test plans and details of plan of attack are going to be updated at:

Other servers will be coming up during the course of the week. The most current server details can be found at:

If you need support, test plans etc, feel free to get into contact with me directly. If demand drives, I am considering a weekly standup call on top of the highly functional Release Management call for QA specific conversations.


Please update your servers when convenient and update confluence here:

The tagging will occur predictably once every 2 weeks and your support is critical to valid testing. The first tag can be found at:


Chris Kretler (with support from Steve Giffens) is QA lead for performance during this cycle. Brian Richwine for accessibility and David Roldan Martinez for Internationalization. To avoid frustrating their individual efforts I hope the development community will give priority to their bug reports, especially the rapid review and assimilation of  patches.

QA is still looking for leads for cross cutting concerns such as UI/UX, so anyone with experience and motivation is welcome to contact me directly.

Please update your project specific test plans by linking to:

Please send directly to Anthony Whyte and myself any changes you wish in properties on the QA servers.

Happy bug hunting,


Alan Berg
QA Director - The Sakai Foundation

Senior Developer / Quality Assurance
Group Education and Research Services
Central Computer Services
University of Amsterdam

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Please download, install and deploy the sakai-2.8.0-a01 tag to all QA servers supporting 2.8 QA testing.



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