[Portfolio] Update on mock-up porfolio tool

Jacques Raynauld jacques.raynauld at hec.ca
Tue Sep 28 08:03:41 PDT 2010

Hi everyone.

The set of  videos illustrating MATI Montréal general mock-up tool for 
guided-structured portfolios is now complete.

    * Guided portfolios - Part 1 <http://vimeo.com/13880887> :  Overview
      of the tools and models (13 minutes video)
    * Guided portfolios - Part 2 <http://vimeo.com/13881006> :  Mock-up
      tool demo (17 minutes video)
    * Guided portfolios - Part 3 <http://vimeo.com/15157995> :  How to
      pilot the mock-up with students and tutors (14 minutes)

In light of the S3 development effort, this tool might be of interest 
for the portfolio community at large as it provides an easy way to 
create, preview, discuss and implement in small pilots simple portfolio 
prototypes.  More information (account set-up, etc.) is available  at 
our confluence page:



Jacques Raynauld
MATI Montréal
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