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Debbie Boisvert dboisvert at sau53.org
Thu Nov 11 08:07:40 PST 2010

Hi Philip,

We are currently doing a couple of different things with portfolios. We have an ICT matrix that is pk-8 that addresses the ISTE NETS for standards. It is our way of addressing the NH digital portfolio requirement and the NCLB requirements. NH has also developed a holistic and analytic rubric to assess this portfolio. We would like to put the rubrics on to Sakai so that they would track student performance, but we need to pilot and tweak them before we go there. 

We are also working on HS competencies matrices, k-12 art portfolios and Professional Development.

We have developed a 12 district Collaborative in NH and share our work on a sakai site, https://collab.sakaizone.org/portal It is fully open if you want to set up an account. One of the joinable tabs is Portfolio Shared. It has all of the rubric, matrix and showcase portfolio work we have done and and it available for anyone to use. Under the Presentation tab you will see some of the presentation we have done on our work. 


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>>> Philip Fedchin <philip at smolny.org> 11/10/10 12:31 PM >>>
Dear Collegues,

We are considering to initiate a portfolio project for a regional schools network. As we are new to portfolio (although not to Sakai) it would be really interesting to know about existing experience in K12 sphere. Is there anyone willing to give an advice where to start? I was able to find only very limited information on openedpractices site.

Thanking you in advance.

Philip Fedchin
St.Petersburg State University
(Smolny College)


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