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Thank you for your reaction!

My understanding of the ways portfolio may be used is based our experience with Sakai and available materials (mostly from openedpractices site) - I have just uploaded UROP Student Matrix and Portfolio as well as AAC&U Essential Outcomes Matrix to our Sakai 2.7 QA server for testing and looking as exemples.

So there are two obvious ways to use:

1) to create students' individual portfolio to guide them through certain process (from school curriculum to specific project) and to produce some kind of 'publication';
2) to create institutional matrixes to receive data and feedback on the substantial outcomes of such processes;

I am wandering whether there are ways for portfolio to be used to give a needed information to parents, form-masters, school principals about current status of the student (may be with the help of goal management functionality?)

My experience is related mostly with the university and I know that the functionality mentioned would appear through Student Information System but I am not sure how it is done at schools.

At our college we are looking forward to first public release of Kuali Student to try to localize it (and, certainly, to use in integration with Sakai), but I am not sure that such an approach would be applicable at K12 level.

Sorry if my perception is too naive.

With best wishes,

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> Philip,
> Could you say a little more about how you envision using portfolios?
> Thanks,
> Erica Ackerman
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> Dear Collegues,
> We are considering to initiate a portfolio project for a regional
> schools network. As we are new to portfolio (although not to Sakai) it
> would be really interesting to know about existing experience in K12
> sphere. Is there anyone willing to give an advice where to start? I
> was able to find only very limited information on openedpractices
> site.
> Thanking you in advance.
> Philip Fedchin
> St.Petersburg State University
> (Smolny College)
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