[Portfolio] Reminder: Portfolio Visioning Meeting, Tuesday, November 9, 4-5 PM Eastern Standard Time (U.S. and Canada)

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Portfolio Visioning Meeting: TUESDAY, November 9, 4-5 PM Eastern Standard Time (US & Canada)
 Date: 11/09/2010
 Begin Time: 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (US & Canada)
 End Time: 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (US & Canada)
 Phone Number: (317) 278-7008
 PIN: 456922#
Portfolio Visioning Meeting Agenda for 11-09-10
 Update on Portfolio Personas
Update on Portfolio Reports
Using the portfolio needs generated in the Personas process to create a list of possible titles for Portfolio MiniSpecs
Future Concerns 
For further information, consult our Portfolio Visioning page on Sakai Confluence.

We welcome all community members interested in planning for portfolios in the Sakai OAE (3.0).


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