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Josh Baron Josh.Baron at marist.edu
Mon Mar 22 14:24:39 PDT 2010


As per our discussion last week, I'm following up with a brief reminder 
that we tasked ourselves with working to define the "Facets" associated 
with the Online Learning Space Design Lens for our call this Wednesday. 
The current Facets under this Lens are below.  If you have time, please go 
to the Learning Capabilities Spreadsheet and create a new "row" and add 
your thoughts/definitions.

Based on the work Lynn Ward did last week I think we all agreed that 
having some advanced prep done makes our call much more productive so 
let's all try (yes, me included) to put some ideas up before Wednesday.

Setting Expectations
Roles & Permissions
Visual Design & Layout
Portfolio Design
Prepare/Plan Workflows
Import/Export/Share Structure

Finally, just to clarify it, Janice Smith offered to begin work on the 
Autonomy Lens because she'll be starting to teach soon and wanted to 
assist with that one before peeling off the call for awhile (thanks 


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