[Portfolio] SAK-12914 problem/solution

Horatiu Cherebetiu hcherebetiu at loi.nl
Tue Mar 23 04:12:14 PDT 2010

Hi all,

I'm working on issue SAK-12914(http://jira.sakaiproject.org/browse/SAK-12914 ) and I use Sakai 2.5.3.

What I found until now is that for relation Guidance and GuidanceItem, is important in the Guidance import file the GuidanceItem's orders.

So if in the Guidance import file, the GuidanceItem with the type "instruction" is on the first position in the list  and for the rest of them the order is not important, the import works successful.
If the GuidanceItem with the type "instructions" is not on the first position the import throws errors, the Hibernate Session lose somehow the "guidance_id" that needs to be set for a GuidanceItem.

First solution that I implemented is to check/reorder the GuidanceItem list before saving the in the DB.
I added a method "checkReorder(List guidanceItems)" in class "GuidanceManagerImpl"  in method "importGuidance(...)".

If you have other solutions/remarks/suggestions/advices, please sent it to us.

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