[Portfolio] Portfolios for school/college accreditation?

Sean Keesler sean.keesler at threecanoes.com
Mon Oct 26 07:26:18 PDT 2009

When I was at Syracuse, we used OSP as ONE COMPONENT of our NCATE
report. The other component we piloted were Goal Aware Assignments to
gather rating data about selected pieces of student work.

However, helping the school comply with accreditation requirements is
not a huge motivator for students to create portfolios  ;)  To get
students motivated to do this is a tough task and is often successful
after much curriculum redesign. Even after you do that, it may be that
you have two different kinds of portfolios, each designed for
different kinds of audiences (automated matrix portfolios for
accreditation/program improvement and student centered portfolios that
meet teaching and learning needs and/or self expression/presentation

That being said, I would recommend using something like UMich's
"experimental" matrix features to automate some of the population of
matrices or (if you can wait for 2.7) Indiana's similar features to do
this across class worksites.

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On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 9:53 AM, Brian Dashew <Brian.Dashew at marist.edu> wrote:
> Hello:
> Is anybody using OSP or other Sakai tools (project sites?) to organize
> college reviews for accreditation. We are trying to get a pilot off the
> ground  but we are running into problems when we start to think about
> assembling and assigning a sample of student papers  (which are both random
> and anonymous) to a group of faculty reviewers (each paper is reviewed by
> one person in three different departments).  Does anybody have experience
> with these challenges? Or, does anybody have an alternative method we might
> ask the school to consider as we build out this pilot?
> Thank you,
> Brian
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