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Ghislain Drolet gdrolet at cslaval.qc.ca
Wed Oct 14 12:01:44 PDT 2009

Hi there,

My name is Ghislain Drolet and I am currently working to deploy OSP in
my School Board. I am currently working as a curricular specialist in
Laval School Board (north of Montreal, Quebec, Canada). I was wandering
if anybody can suggest me any step by step protocole to build my first
e-portfolio in Sakai. 

I want to know hao to program form. I am beginining this procedure by
myself bexaus we want to deploy the platform for the lifelong learning.

Thank you in advance for your answers

p.s. Sorry form my english!

Ghislain Drolet
Conseiller pédagogique 
Récit national FGA - Région de Laval
Commission scolaire de Laval
450-662-7000 poste 1735
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