[Portfolio] Portfolio tool in My Workspace

Tony Camilli tcamilli at lagcc.cuny.edu
Thu May 21 11:30:21 PDT 2009

You should ...LaGuardia created a template (albeit a very simple one) in Portfolio Admin and did a Global Publish that was used from Portfolio Tools in My Workspace. (We only used the Portfolio tool from My Workspace, never other sites) . I don't recall hearing any issues...I understand your case is slightly different, we never tried it from member sites.

As for the permissions, I seem to remember going into realms and editing !user.template.* (whatever your user type is) although this was a while ago so hopefuly my memory's not failing.

Having said that, it's been quite a few weeks since I've looked at anything OSP/ Sakai related, but we do have the tool set up on 2.6 beta so let me know if you want me to poke around.

Regards - Tony

>>> Sean Keesler <sean at keesler.org> 5/21/2009 1:54 PM >>>
I am experimenting with the Portfolio tool in My Workspace and am noticing a
couple of things.

The default permissions are "all off" by default in My Workspace. I would
think we would want the "maintain" user in My Workspace (me!)  to have all
of the permissions (Create, delete, comment) by default.

If I give myself permission to create a portfolio in My Workspace, I can
only create a free form portfolio. Should I be able to create portfolios
from templates that are published in sites that I am a member?


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