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Marc Zaldivar mzaldiva at exchange.vt.edu
Thu May 21 10:57:25 PDT 2009


We¹re seeing a lot of use of that Portfolio and Matrix tool from the My
Workspace with students.

It makes a lot of sense to me to expose the user to all portfolio templates
that they may use from My Workspace.  We ultimately kept the permissions off
because we noticed it wouldn¹t do them any good to have the ³New² button
right now, but this at least lets them edit portfolios that they have begun
from the course/portfolio site.  I don¹t know if I¹d change the default
permissions until the template access question was resolved....


On 5/21/09 1:54 PM, "Sean Keesler" <sean at keesler.org> wrote:

> I am experimenting with the Portfolio tool in My Workspace and am noticing a
> couple of things.
> The default permissions are "all off" by default in My Workspace. I would
> think we would want the "maintain" user in My Workspace (me!)  to have all of
> the permissions (Create, delete, comment) by default.
> If I give myself permission to create a portfolio in My Workspace, I can only
> create a free form portfolio. Should I be able to create portfolios from
> templates that are published in sites that I am a member?
> Sean
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