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Robin Hill hill at uwyo.edu
Sat Mar 21 08:38:47 PDT 2009

Yes, that's me (mentioned below), catching up after an entire week away!

I have long wanted to participate in the OSP (Sakai-portfolio) 
conference calls on Mondays-- I'm in a very convenient time zone.  And I 
will now follow through, as a minor start at integration of the groups.

As our T&L leader Josh states in a later message, the Teaching and 
Learning group is quite interested in portfolios (as is the End-User 
group, currently leaderless) and a joint phone meeting would be 
efficacious, as well.

Nancy O'Laughlin wrote:
> I talked to Mathieu a little this afternoon. There are actually four 
> groups that meet. There is our OSP group, the Sakai UX group 
> (Sakai3), the T&L (Teaching and Learning) group and an End User Group
>  (which is documentation and support). It is the End User Group and 
> the T&L group that try to get together once a month for a joint 
> meeting. He gave Robin Hill's name as someone that is interested in 
> both groups and acts as a contact between the groups. As Noah 
> mentioned the UX group is busy getting ready for their upcoming 
> release for Cambridge/GeorgiaTech so they have not met with the T&L 
> group other than for a demo that Peter gave to the group. The primary
>  topics in the T&L group have been the Teaching with Sakai Innovation
>  Award, the upcoming conference in Boston and "Potential Vignette Use
>  Case" and now a new Requirements process. For more information on
> the T&L group Mathieu keeps this site up to date: 
> http://confluence.sakaiproject.org/confluence/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=19808.
>  It seems the focus is primarily course/project related but it is 
> hard to know if that is because no one involved in portfolios is 
> active in this group. Probably the best thing to do is to get someone
>  that is interested in both to sit in on their weekly conference
> calls and report back to our group or perhaps we should suggest a
> joint meeting with them to see how the two groups might interface
> with each other. For those that don't know they meet on Wednesdays at
> 11:30 - similar process as ours. Nancy
> Sean Keesler wrote:
>> Here are some notes I took from the community conference call 
>> during our discussion of the future development:
>> Relevant notes from 2009-03-16 OSP Community Call
>> Sean reviewed the changed to the vignettes page 
>> <http://confluence.sakaiproject.org/confluence/x/BoD3Ag> with the 
>> group and suggested that a next step would be to come up with a 
>> strategy for introducing this to the Sakai3 working group. Noah has
>>  been keeping his finger on the pulse of Sakai 3, but others 
>> probably could also participate. Sean asked if others would be 
>> willing and able to participate in conversations with the UX and 
>> T&L group, and if so, how do we best do that? Noah mentioned that 
>> there is a weekly UX call that could be used, but that the main 
>> conversations for Sakai3 are small conversations over Skype and the
>>  Sakai 001 bridge with Nathan and a small group of developers. This
>>  group is under a lot of pressure to release a version of Sakai 3 
>> for Cambridge/GeorgiaTech and we are unlikely to have an impact on 
>> its direction.
>> Perhaps a good strategy for interacting with the Sakai 3 WG would 
>> be to do so in concert with the T&L group. We recognize that there 
>> is a barrier between how we think. Lynn had mentioned last week 
>> that they are primarily focused on course/project sites. It may be 
>> that the readiness of the OSP are a barrier (in which case, we 
>> should talk with them soon to ensure that this is not the case in 
>> the future). Nancy mentioned that Matthiew Plourde attends the T&L 
>> calls and she would ask him for a recommendation on how the T&L 
>> group is interacting with the Sakai 3/UX group and report back next
>>  week.
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