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Hi Marc:

Nate's suggestion of considering non-Sakai institutions reminded me of Rose Hulman Institute of Technology here in Indiana.  Rose has been using a home grown ePortfolio system for institutional outcomes assessment for more than a decade.  Gloria Rogers, who is now the director of assessment at ABET, was a VP at Rose in charge of assessment and I believe their ePort initiative was born under her leadership.  In any case, there's a CHEA award application document on their web site that provides a lot of background on their project and process:



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Marc, while this question may generate some good responses from folks using Sakai portfolio tools, I'm imagining you would welcome responses from institutions using any portfolio tool.

Have you heard about the newly formed association dedicated to general portfolio practices, the Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL)? You might consider joining and posing your question there as well.

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On Jun 25, 2009, at 5:12 AM, Marc Zaldivar wrote:


I am trying to collect a range of examples of portfolio "requirements" in programs and how they handle that with faculty workload.  I'm curious what sorts of methods people use to gather and assess portfolios in program-level situations.

We have several program-level portfolio projects here, and they each approach this differently.  One in particular is a rather large program, graduating about 100-140 each year, and they are wondering what other schools in the country are doing about asking faculty to look at portfolios.  They feel that if they are "required for graduation" by the student, then someone has to have the responsibility of making sure that it is done - who is that someone(s) in these schools?  What sort of requirement is put in place?  Completion?  Specific sets of required elements or simply anything resembling a portfolio?

I know many of the Sakai projects are in pilot phases, but I'm curious what other groups are thinking about this issue.


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