[Portfolio] Matrix deletion

Marc Zaldivar mzaldiva at exchange.vt.edu
Fri Jun 12 07:47:59 PDT 2009

Sean (and others),

Thanks for the response.  I had a feeling that labor was the answer, but
this is amazing to me.  None of the backup/archive/restore procedures work
for the OSP tools.  We can archive a course and restore it, but none of the
portfolios are brought with it.  We can recreate a matrix, but none of the
links to user submissions are recreated.

As you say, though this may not be too frequent, the consequences are dire
on any site with size.  In this case, we had 130 folks in the site.  This
was the case of the user not realizing the power she had been given, as well
as not reading the glaring warnings of the impact of that delete button.
But, user error will always be there.  I'd feel better if I knew our system
backups were going to actually back us up!

I've been searching through the Sakai jiras, but I don't see one filed for
improving the archives to include OSP -- am I missing this or should I file


On 6/12/09 10:34 AM, "Sean Keesler" <sean at keesler.org> wrote:

> Not only would you have to establish the scaffolding...you'd need to
> reestablish student matrix instances, their cells and all of the links
> to the resources that were in each cell.
> I don't know of an easy solution to this other than hard labor.
> So...I am wondering how common this is. It seems like it would be VERY
> uncommon, but the consequences are pretty catastrophic. Wouldn't it
> make better sense to flag a matrix as "deleted" so that there was an
> easy to way to recover from this?
> Sean
> On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 9:41 AM, Marc Zaldivar<mzaldiva at exchange.vt.edu>
> wrote:
>> All,
>> I have an organizer who accidentally deleted an important matrix. (Oh no,
>> that box with the big red warning isn¹t important at all...  Grrr...). We
>> have the data backed up on a preproduction server ‹ is there any hope of
>> restoring the matrix with existing content?  I can import/export the matrix
>> scaffolding, but it has all new ids, etc, so it isn¹t relinking existing
>> data that should be in the matrix.  Are there any existing protocols to
>> restore the matrix with same ids and previous content?
>> Marc
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