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I think a review of OpenedPractices.org (OP.org) would be very useful.  
I'll post a couple of points here about the history of the site that  
can help guide folks who may not be familiar with it in their review.

Please let me know if you have any questions about OP.org or what I've  
outlined below. I look forward to a call dedicated to improving the  

First, the site was designed to create a community and repository  
primarily for teaching and learning practitioners (ie, faculty/ 
students rather than developers) who use open source tools. While its  
first and currently primary focus has been Sakai/OSP, it is not  
limited to that technology.

Second, the site attempts to collect and share three primary things:

1) Profiles of people and institutions engaged in open source teaching  
and learning in order to create connections and community among them,  
for example:
and each contributed item has a profile of its contributor to the  
right, eg:

2) Teaching and learning practices, to share and promote best  
practices using open source tools, eg:
For example, a (OSP) portfolio practice might be described:
Or, the specific practices captured in course profiles for the  
Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award (TWISA), eg:

3) Specific resources for teaching and learning—individual files,  
rubrics, assignments, components, links, etc—used standalone or in the  
above practices, eg:
For example, a specific OSP component (that helps build the practice  
linked above):

Third, the site was developed to meet these more specific needs,  
always with an eye toward generalizing:

1) OP.org started out originally as a part of the Open Source  
Portfolio (OSP) website to provide a repository for sharing OSP  
components. It still tries to serve this purpose, see for example:

2) The Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award (TWSIA) started using the  
site to collect and disseminate course profile entries for the award,  
see for example:
One issue that comes up here is that there are currently two ways to  
profile courses on the site that would be nice to resolve. The  
profiles specifically designed for TWSIA:
as well as a more generic "course" type under the general practices  
category (none collected yet):

3) The Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) started  
using OP.org to collect rubrics, eg:
and to enable resources to be associated with their collaboratively- 
developed Essential Learning Outcomes:

Fourth, OP.org has been developed and maintained collaboratively by  
folks from the OSP community (eg, Noah Botimer), folks from Josh  
Baron's team at Marist, with additional funding from AAC&U, and  
ongoing hosting and development resources from Sakai commercial  
affiliate rSmart.

Fifth, any specific suggestions for improving the site would best be  
collected in our Sakai issue queue:

On Jul 16, 2009, at 9:31 AM, Susan Roig wrote:

> I would like to participate in this, please let me know when "calls"  
> will take place.
> From: pedagogy-bounces at collab.sakaiproject.org on behalf of Janet de  
> Vry
> Sent: Thu 7/16/2009 7:18 AM
> To: Nate Angell
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> Subject: Re: [DG: Teaching & Learning] OpenEd Practices
> Thanks, Nate, for your willingness to work with us to improve the
> OpendPractices site. I think that for a call to be meaningful some  
> of us
> need to spend some time going through the site and noting what works  
> and
> what doesn't right now and coming up with a vision for what we want.
> John Hays is willing to look at it and so I am. Those who are  
> interested
>   could plan to take some time in the next 2 weeks to evaluate what's
> there and articulate what we want and why. We could hold some e-mail
> discussions and post some thoughts on the confluence site to jump  
> start
> a conference call.
> Anyone else interested in reviewing the site?
> The main goal as I see it is to make the site more friendly and useful
> for those seeking "best practices" and simply examples of how they  
> could
> use Sakai for effective teaching/learning.
> Janet
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> Nate Angell wrote:
> > I'm totally open to OpenedPractices.org (OP.org) becoming whatever  
> the
> > community wants it to become.
> >
> > I haven't been able to spend as much time administering it, but am
> > open to making certain interventions if they are not hugely  
> ambitious
> > and/or I'm not working totally alone. I know we've worked some with
> > Josh Baron's group at Marist in the past, and they may still be open
> > to helping work for the site.
> >
> > rSmart can continue to host the site, so I don't see any issue  
> there.
> >
> > One thing is I personally bought the domain OP.org and while it's  
> not
> > a huge deal, it might make more sense for the Sakai Foundation to  
> own
> > it as I'm a single point of failure.
> >
> > Robin: I'm working out a way for http://mysakai.rsmart.com to host
> > fullblown Sakai sample sites (more on that soon), but it would be  
> hard
> > for OP.org to host such sites as it's in Drupal, not Sakai. Seems  
> like
> > we'd want to list them in OP.org tho, and have that be the central
> > directory for all open/shared site demos.
> >
> > I'd love to participate in a call specifically around how to augment
> > OP.org, including changes we might make to better support TWSIA.
> > Should we just dedicate a T&L call to OP.org?
> >
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> >
> > On Jul 15, 2009, at 10:07 AM, Robin Hill wrote:
> >
> >> A specific question, Nate, that you and I recognized during the
> >> conference:  What about sample courses on the openedpractices.org
> >> site?   And you can tell us about the talk you gave, and whether it
> >> drew suggestions.
> >>
> >>
> >> Jon Hays wrote:
> >>> Hi Nate,
> >>> We were talking on the T&L call about OpenEd practices and the
> >>> different ways it is being used or might be used.  We purposely
> >>> didn't go into depth, but there was general interest from the  
> group
> >>> in continuing to invest in OpenEd practices as a way to express  
> and
> >>> share the T&L practices in Sakai beyond the innovation award  
> process.
> >>> Is there a time on an upcoming T&L call or other when we could  
> hear
> >>> from you about where OpenEd practices is going and how the
> >>> community can participate?
> >>> best,
> >>> Jon
> >>
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