[Portfolio] T&L call and Portfolio Related Vignettes

Sean Keesler sean at keesler.org
Wed Jul 22 09:48:59 PDT 2009

I attended the T&L call today. Josh facilitated the group through what
he believed some ideas for doing Sakai 3 requirements gathering (he
called it functional visioning), which would be independent of the
current Sakai tool set. Josh reminded everyone that this is a 5 year
timeline and that we would do well to envision T&L scenarios that may
be happening in that future.

We tied in the portfolio vignettes page on confluence and received
positive feedback about the idea of boiling desired functionality down
to its essence and then describing it. I promoted the idea that we
could/should work together to discover where there is a overlap and
where there is not between our groups.

Some discussion occurred about other ways to pull in ideas to the
process, such as surveys of faculty and students and focus groups. I
felt that one source of tension between the groups might be that many
of the portfolio use cases have institutional needs and special sets
of problems (accreditation and program improvement) that may not be
addressed by focus groups and surveys that this group would be most
interested in. I encouraged them to think of these "other audiences"
as they did their work.

By the end of the call there were a few T&L folks that were willing to
get on the T&L call (presumably to talk about the functionality on the
vignettes page). This seems to me to be an opportunity to begin a
dialogue between our groups and perhaps a collaboration as we continue
to move that confluence page along.
I see that there are other specific issues that are to be discussed on
Monday's call...and am wondering how we can start to get everyone on
the same page. I'm looking for suggestions on how we can collaborate
better with this other influential group in the community to help to
shape the direction of Sakai 3.

We could devote a conference call to it, have a separate call or
adjust our agenda to accommodate them and capitalize on the shared


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