[Portfolio] Portfolios 3.0 and Wizards

Beth Kirschner bkirschn at umich.edu
Wed Dec 9 06:02:11 PST 2009

Hi all,

    As I mentioned on Monday's call, I've been reviewing the vignettes  
page used to describe portfolio functions and goals. I'm contrasting  
them to our current functionality and trying to envision a tool that  
encompasses the combined functionality of Matrix/Wizard/Workflow. I  
have one question (out of many to likely follow):

    For those who use the current Wizard tool, does anyone have a use  
case for the reflection/feedback/evaluation that can be defined  
against the entire wizard (i.e. not individual pages)? If so, can you  
take a few minutes to send me an email so I can include this in our  
3.0 planning?

- Beth


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