[Portfolio] Call for Participation: 2010 Multi-Institutional Survey Initiative (MISI)

Steve Lonn slonn at umich.edu
Fri Dec 11 07:13:14 PST 2009

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The Sakai Community is once again joining together to conduct a multi-institutional survey of instructors and students in order to assess how Sakai is being used, what activities and tools users value, and how best to inform development of Sakai for the future. 
In 2009, fourteen institutions participated in this initiative, surveying over 10,000 instructors and students. We hope to expand this effort to include even more participating institutions in 2010. 

To indicate your interest, please add your information on this Confluence page: http://confluence.sakaiproject.org//x/ew8AB
(If you are having problems with Confluence, contact the administrators)

Here's some quick Q & A about MISI:

Q: Who Can Participate in MISI?
A: Any institution running Sakai 2.4 or higher in pilot or production. All levels, languages, and locations are invited to participate.

Q: Who Conducts the Survey?
A: Your institution will run its own online survey. In the past, institutions have used commercial applications (e.g., SurveyMonkey), home-grown systems, and self-coded surveys. 

Q: Who Decides What Items Are On the Survey?
A: The collective group of participating institutions will decide on the items via email, conference calls, and Confluence wiki. Ultimately, each institution can decide to opt in/out of each "core" survey item, but are strongly encouraged to participate in order to maximize data collection.

Q: When Will Meetings Begin?
A: In mid-January 2010

Q: How is Survey Data Shared?
A: Anonymized data (not aggregated) is uploaded to a shared Sakai site. Michigan has volunteered to combine the data into one big spreadsheet and run an initial summary. Each participating institution may use the combined dataset to run their own analyses.

Q: When Should the Survey Be Administered?
A: In order to minimize variability, each participating institution is asked to administer their survey for 2-4 weeks in March, April, or May 2010. 

Q: Where Can I Find Information About the 2009 MISI?
A: On this Confluence page: http://confluence.sakaiproject.org//x/NxDtAw

Please let us know if you have any other questions / comments.
Thank you, Steve Lonn & Stephanie Teasley

Steven Lonn, Ph.D.  -  Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Usability, Support, and Evaluation (USE) Lab, Part of the CTools / Sakai Team
Digital Media Commons @ The Duderstadt Center, University of Michigan
Ph: (248) 905-1566	AIM: simchasl	Web: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~slonn/

Stephanie D. Teasley, Ph.D.
Research Associate Professor
Director, Doctoral Program
School of Information
University of Michigan

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