[Portfolio] Anybody using OSP for evaluating a departmentalprogram?

Zaldivar, Marc mzaldiva at vt.edu
Thu Aug 27 10:39:01 PDT 2009

I'll second and third these comments.  We have several student service learning groups or leadership groups on campus that want to build shared portfolios about project experiences, but they are limited to having a designated person be finally responsible for owning the portfolio.  It'd be nice to see some sort of shared functionality to the matrix pages as a first step, which would give some level of group access to the materials.


On 8/27/09 12:54 PM, "Debbie Boisvert" <dboisvert at sau53.org> wrote:

I would agree with Sean, this would be powerful. I have had a number of occasions in which it would be helpful if multiple people could contribute to the same matrix and even connect it to the same portfolio piece.

Earlier this year we tried to use it for a grant evaluation and have different users contribute different pieces. Our plan was to set it up so that we could use the portfolio for the final evaluation.


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